Altair 1977
Camp Name: Altair
Camp Counselor in 1977
Units worked in: Apache (session 1 & 2); Pueblo (session 3); Shoshone (session 4)
Camp Director: Flip; Assistant Camp Director: Bernie
Notable Activities
  • Apache
    Overnights to Camp Mar-Y-Mac, Strawberry
    Jungle breakfast - I wasn't good at hiding the stuff
    Cookout where the picnic table tipped and I got grape juice punch on my oatmeal cords - I used the boiling dishwater to get the stain out
    July 4 celebration in Pueblo
  • Pueblo
    Overnight to Chips Haven
  • Shoshone
    Mini backpack trips to Dinkey Creek Road, Dinkey Creek campground
  • Swimming holes visited/swam in
    Fish Creek
    Apache Wells
Apache Counselor Cabin (north side of Dinkey Creek)
Apache Wells
Pueblo (north side of Dinkey Creek)
Campers and bus and Bernie (Assistant Camp Director)
Camp Office & Flip (Camp Director)
Campfire at CIT campsite (down the trail from Chippewa)
D & O Swimming Hole
Fish Creek Swimming Hole
Apache, 1st session (Please forgive the blurriness. This was a good 15 years before digital cameras)
Apache, 2nd session
Main Campfire Circle
Pueblo, 3rd session
Decorating Teca for Rodeo
Pioneer Swimming Hole
Yahdi, Pueblo Unit Leader