Camp El-O-Win

We're up at Camp El-O-Win the camp of our dreams

Save these Dates for
Camp Opening
May 24 & 31 and June 7


Camp El-O-Win Bridge Dedication
First Annual Dinkey Duck Race
Saturday August 16, 2014
12:00 noon Buffet Lunch
1:30 pm Bridge Dedication
2:30 pm Dinkey Duck Race
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Write a Letter, Help us "Build the Bridge"

You can participate in our letter writing campaign to build the bridge in one of two ways....or both!
1. Write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper and encourage readers to contribute to the bridge fund.  You can find a sample letter and main points to cover by clicking here and find the contact information for the local newspapers by clicking here.
2. Write a letter to a friend who has been a camper at Camp El-O-Win during the last 54 years.  In your letter, ask them to support our "Build the Bridge" campaign and to send a letter to one of their friends.  Click here to get started.
Now is the time!!!
Camp Improvement Projects

We have two projects to tackle this Spring that need your help.

Camp's infirmary needs help from a flooring professional.  The building is 42 feet by 15 feet, was built in 1960 and has commercial linoleum tiles as the flooring.  Several tiles along the walls have broken and pieces have come off so it is time to lay a new floor.  Floors at camp take a beating due to the dirt that is tracked in and since it is the infirmary we need to be able to sanitize often.  We need help choosing the right product and installing it.  If you know anyone that might be willing to help with advise or installation, or would like more information, email us at or call 320-5439.

The Camper Shower House is our last building that needs a new roof but has some installation challenges we have not faced with the other buildings.  The roof starts at 8 feet above ground so doing all of the work from extension ladders will be exhausting and slow.  It takes a couple of days to get the old shingles off and all of the nails pulled.  It takes a day and a half to get the new roof installed.  Do you know anyone that would loan us scaffolding for a week?  Or maybe there is an even easier method to work?  Would you like to be part of the volunteer installation crew?  If you know anyone that might be willing to help or would like more information, email us at or call 320-5439.


last updated: April 15, 2014